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IPM For Businesses:

If you own or operate a business you know how critical it is to protect your brand and product from insects and rodents.  Left unaddressed, pests can have a negative impact on your reputation and your revenue.  Integrated Pest Management is a common sense way for businesses to address pest problems while minimizing the unnecessary use of chemicals.  With a focus on inspection, identification and treatment, our pest professionals will develop a pest management plan for your facility that includes behavior modification, pest exclusion and pesticide treatments when necessary. 

Your reputation is vital to the success of your business and at Environmental Pest Solutions, we are committed to protecting it, as well as your employees and facility. This is accomplished through an Integrated Pest Management process that ensures consistency, accountability, responsiveness and effectiveness.

Our teams use the latest handheld technology to record services, and barcode sensitive areas that need verification of inspection. This technology links to an online customer portal, so you have access to service records, appointment dates, and general account information, anywhere you have an internet connection.  

We focus heavily on inspection and monitoring, as well as a targeted chemical application to maximize control of pests and minimize the application of unneeded chemicals in your facility. We understand that one roach is too many and we will dedicate ourselves to see that your commercial business is pest free. 

We also use products that will alter insect breeding areas such as drains or floor tiles. These products actively dissolve and eliminate "gunk" or grease so pest have less places to breed, harbor, and feed. This approach allows us to alter the insects' environment to such a point where they cannot sustain life. This method is also very environmentally friendly and includes the use of natural, live bacterias commonly found in everyday soils.  

In addition, if your facility is subject to third party audits, Environmental Pest Solutions can often can help prepare for third party audits from a pest control standard.

We respond quickly  to meet the service demands of our clients efficiently and effectively.